Hello, I am Max, CEO and founder of the venture builder and invest fund. I help IT corporations launch in-house startup divisions and develop products inside these structures. Here you can read about my personal experience in the fields mentioned above and ask questions via options in the Contacts
Products & startups launch and management
Curious Stuff
Great insights, figures, facts etc. on the topic of venture capital and product development that I find worth your attention. If you have anything to share, please contact me below
My Articles & Ideas
Content that I create and share myself. Some of the material has been published in various media. So if you think you've read something, you have ....
Venture building
Building own startup studio
Management & Creative
Corporate venture funds, builders, startup studios and accelerators. Why is this all?
Are startups and venture capital a fraud? Or what's wrong with the innovation market
FAQ for those who decided to open their startup studio
How it works. Part 1
How it works. Part 2
How it works. Part 3
History of ADP
My own experience in leading startup studio in 3 years retrospective
Corporate culture: love it or leave it
Creative Units as a planning and assessment tool in R&D
Tips for project leaders propper motivation
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